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How find market size/market potential?
Hi friend,
This is an importent aspect of marketing since one has to do market research related to there industry product which can be business to consumer or business to business. Market potential is basically carried out to know the strength in the industry also to allocate the target to the sales force based on optium market research which normally includes the customer requirement , there expansion plans, investment etc. With optimum information sales manager knows the amount of investment a company is going to make for the coming years. Based on this authentic information a company can take steps.
for information u can call me at 9920550026 -------- Abhishek kashyap

Hi Salil,
Listen before goin for market potential analysis you need to initialy know on which products you are carrying out market potential and then go for it. I think in holographic itself polyster film, bopp film plain, bopp film plain sealable, and paper. market potentail is carried out by visiting to your customer or consumer site asking them questions about your products. Most important thing to note is market potential is very essential for the company , so it should be carried out seriously and effectively. Now biggest question arises that what you will be asking . you knw market potentail basically gives company position in the market by finding how many players are there in the holographic films market and finding who all are there customers. Now to know about company's future position u need to ask what are your future plans , investment, expansion plans, and accordingly u need to arrange data and handed over to marketing department thy will be deciding about allocating the targets to sales force ok .
thank u

Hi, Generally 'Market Size' and 'Market Potential' are the factors which can be done before pre-launch of a product. According to me, some of the important point which you should remember before starting your analysis:For Market Size (average)1) Prepare a list of needies / buyers 2) Who Buy3) Reasons behind their buying4) Average consumption of existing product (other brand but same category) in a 1 week/1 month/1 yearFor Market Potential1) If the competitors are existing in that particular market, then a) There average Sellings b) Offers c) Price Strategy d) Advert. Strategy2) Why people buy your product ? REASONS3) What is the profit margin to dealer/retailersHope this help you.Brijesh Namdev
Hi salil,
Did you get any information about Holographic Films, can you give me the list of companies then may be i can be of any help to you.
well ITC ltd, Chennai is also into Holographic Films !!!!!!!!
do reply back.

dear Monika,
if u could specify the "industry" it will be helpfull to Help u further. otherwise you will get only general " management gyan" Understanding the industry is Important, the methods will be different for each sector.. FMCG/CONSUMER DURABLES/IT/LIQUOR/GARMENTS ETC..

Define your target customer
Your target customer equals the person or company for whom your technology or product solves a specific problem or meet their demand. To define your target customer you must:
1. Determine who your target customer is.
2. Create a profile of your typical/expected target customer.
Given the importance of defining your target customer, it is crucial to set aside enough time to do a proper analysis of this first step.
Estimate the number of target customers
Estimate the total number of target customers in the market—companies who have a profile similar to that your target customer.
Determine your penetration rate
Refine your market size by assuming a penetration rate for your category of product or service. The penetration rate is a function of the nature of your product. Assume a high penetration rate if your category of product is mission-critical or mandated through regulation; assume a low penetration rate for products with a specialized purpose.
Calculate the potential market size: Volume and value
To find the overall market potential (that is, the potential market volume), multiply your number of target customers by the penetration rate.
Market volume = Number of target customers × Penetration rate
To calculate the monetary value of the market, multiply the market volume by your average value (that is, price expectations).
Market value = Market volume × Average value
Apply the market-size data
Following these steps to estimate your market size (value) is by no means an exact science. Still, there are ways to maximize the effectiveness of this exercise:
• At the time you make your first estimate, examine each assumption you make and what would cause it to change. To factor in the risks of change, calculate best-case and worst-case scenarios in addition to your expected scenario.
• Over time, monitor the accuracy of your initial assumptions and whether you need to modify them.

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