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Dear Friends, I would like to konw the difference between Sales/Marketing. And key interview question for the Manager Sales/Marketing. Hope you all would be supprt me, Thanking You, Mihir
26th September 2008 From India , Calcutta
Hello Friend
Marketing is many time relationship where u have to maintain ur relationship with ur customer after sales also.
where sales is one time relationship where once u sale ur product is finished.
marketing is product centric. sales is customer centric.
8th October 2008
Sales is part of Marketing. Marketing contains much larger responsibilities. Sales is an acquired form. Marketing is an art. Marketing is customer centric and Sales is product centric.
16th October 2008 From India , Pune
Dear Friends.................
marketing starts from customer and sales starts from factory.
And in sales we mainly focus on numbers or profit but in marketing we focus on customer satisfaction as well.

25th October 2008 From India, Kolkata
:xTo the Forum:
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26th October 2008 From United States , Goose Creek
Selling is the process to meet the seller’s need and marketing is to meet the customer satisfaction.....:)
31st October 2008 From India , Bangalore
Mktg. is much wider than selling & ofcourse more dynamic too.Selling is just a part of the Mktg process which is an on going process.Selling- view business as a goods producing process whereas Mktg views business as a customer satisfying process.
selling starts with the seller,focus is on the needs of sellers.Whereas Mktg starts with the buyer & focuses on the needs of buyer.
Priyanka Mathur
5th November 2008
A professional differntiation between Marketing & Sales is very slim, although both complete each other, but still both are linked in a way or another. There is a difference between both in practice, While Marketing is the art of creating needs, Studying the markets, recommends strategies and states policies and procedures for promoting products and/or Services, Sales execute those policies and procedures in the market.

Apart from this relationship, a marketer role starts from before planning an industry, to check on the market needs, requirements, values, etc... Across to the planning of the product package and appearance towards the planning of the strategies to sell that product. All during the planning stages; the marketer should be aware of his market, should have all the updated data about the macro environment as well as the micro status sorrounding the launch of the new product.

The Sales role comes after, to make sure that the strategies have been implemented, and sales have been done. A wise salesman does not wait for a marketer to draw his annual targets. He should refer to the marketing strategy and accordingly design his own targets and break them down into segments and months. The activity of the salesman in the market rewards the marketing strategy which has been put by the marketer.

So, in short both complete each other, while the first works on studies and planning the second works on execution and feedback.

I wish I could cover a little part of the difference which as I see it very negligible .


Nabeel Al Wazzan
Business Consultant
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9th November 2008 From Kuwait , Kuwait
This is Ram from vizag.
Sale and marketing ar different. Marketing is the process of finding the customer requirement about a particular product and target them to acuire the product in appropriate time. where as sale is a part of marketing. customer is posses to buy the product is called sale. i hope u catch the point what i want to say.
10th November 2008 From India , Hyderabad
1.Marketing is targetting for every user (old or new) But
Sales targets for who is going to buy the product.
2.Marketing is necessary for selling the product. In marketing we can target
huge customers at a time but not in sales.
15th November 2008 From India , Hyderabad
I've different opinion regarding creating needs as everyone observe marketing is about creating needs in society. There is two driving force of needs INTERNEL STIMULI(Like i feeling hungary, hungar incites me to action) and EXTERNEL STIMULI. So marketer job is to indentify the needs of people and try to satisfy them certainly by his product of service.
21st November 2008 From Pakistan , Islamabad
sales: one who sale the product in the market call sales and marketing: one who sale the product in the market that product awareness create by marketing to reach the end customer.
22nd November 2008 From India , Madras
All markeing is sales while all sales might not be marketing- A more comprehensive idea that enbraces pre, post sales and not only caters to existing markets but discovers new markets. Sales meets the existing articulated needs while marketing creates a new need that is not articualted by the customer.
raju pvl
25th November 2008 From India , Bangalore
The basic difference between marketing n sales is that marketing is a process by which individuals or groups obtain what they need and want through creating , offering , and freely exchanging products and services of value with others that is to say is process by which a marketer makes the society aware of his product whereas sales is the process by which the product itself is made available to the society (individuals or groups).marketing is the first step then comes sales meaning thereby that marketing paves the way for sales. i hope u understand what i m trying to convey...
marketing basically focusses on the needs/wants of the target market and delivering value better than competitors ,whereas ,
sales basically deals with the fact that consumers will buy the product only if the company aggresively promotes /sells these product......:-)
27th November 2008 From India , Bhubaneswar
hi mihir,

ooofh what a confusion isn't it? u know mihir i was asked the same question when i recently went for an interview for post of lecturer in a mgmt college...and u know wht inspite of being a marketing professional i goofed up...

though it sounds easy ...this question is really tough...

as far as i could govern ...sales is a part of marketing.

marketing involvs right from conception of a product, survey of the market for the product...production, packaging, promition, advertising, markt survey for target custometrs, pricing, logistics, selling, after sales service, customer retention, product orientation...

as u see selling or sales is a part of marketing wherein you approach the target customers....transfer the need or the benefit or knowledge of the product to the customer....and exchanging the product for a price....




28th November 2008 From India , Mumbai
According to me marketing is the planning/process of making requirement or create demand for a newly launched product or the product which is ready to launch.Mkting explain the value or advantages of the product.It give awareness of the product or make a difference between other products.
But the sales is work of responsibility towards customer.It fulfills demands
& makes relations with customers.
29th November 2008 From India , Bangalore
Can anyone share Marketing Plan and methods for the BPO and Web/Software Development company?
What are the ways used for marketing of a Software Development Company. I am joining a 50 people company who makes softwares and websites. I will be working as Marketing personal for them.. WHa methods should I use?
I know following -
1. mass emails
2. phone calls
3. bidding on getafreelancer...
Can you please help me..
30th November 2008 From India , Pune
Marketing starts much before sales happens and goes on after sales also .Sales is a part of marketing .before sales a lot of activity happens .
2nd December 2008 From India , Davangere
:wacko:Sales & marketing is a quite interesting topic to debate. The main difference between sales and marketing are

Sales: A sale is defined from marketing, it is a concept of selling the product to an end user customer with product features only selling concepts is included.

Marketing: it is a concept of creating a product with innovative based on customer need s and fixing 4ps like product ,place price promotion these concept are included in marketing.
3rd December 2008 From India , Madras
Dear Freinds, I have a very good difference between Marketing and Sales, MARKETING IS TO LOOK FOR THE DUCK AND SALES IS TO SHOT THAT DUCK. :-P
3rd December 2008
Hi Mihir
Your question is one of the most frequently asked questions.
The primary reason for this confusion is the fact that in the 'casual' business environments 'sales' and 'marketing' are words used interchangeably as an expression of Sales Activity or simply SELLING.
Simply put, Marketing is a wholesome picture of all those activities that a company does to build a certain kind of a desired environment around its desired geographical territory for achieving a certain purpose. While, Sales is a direct approach to achieving that very 'certain purpose' on basis of all those activities that may have been carried out in the Marketing activities of the company.
Marketing efforts yield to overall image building of a company through its products + brand + company + people + policies, etc. While Sales is a process which works upon the basis of the image built by the company.
So, Sales NOT EQUAL to Marketing.
9th December 2008 From India , Visakhapatnam
To conclude the debate here is the exact difference... jus in a word...
Sales = Push
Marketing = Pull
Sales - Push the product - end of the day numbers matter
Marketing - Pull the customers towards the products / increase the reach and awareness of the product. (Performance and effort too matters)
Marketing has sales as a small part in it.
Thats it...
Hope I have made the statement right. :smile:
17th December 2008 From India , Madras
Well... If you are an Executive, then its very fine that you have a doubt like this.
Marketing, is nothing but, publishing the product/company in the market. A good marketing person is the one who build personal relationship with the maximum number of people and companies, and everybody knows that you work for which company and what product you deal with. Because, this really helps the people to remember you when ever they need your kind of service, and they never think of a second option firstly.:-D
Selling, Its a procedure in which the salesman give the product to the customer and the customer pays him in return. [everybody knows that].
But a better salesman, is the one who creates the necessity inside the customer for the product, he is supposed to sell. Then convincing the customer to take the action of buying, happily and with full satisfaction.
:no: thanx for your time. . . . .
22nd December 2008 From United Arab Emirates , Dubai
Hi, Sales is only concerned with transfer of goods/service. Marketing is concerned with customer satisfaction to make them aware and convince them to buy the product/service. Thina
14th March 2009 From India , Madras
This topic also is written in wikipedia and You can find it by using Google. Rgs
17th November 2009 From Vietnam,
Marketing begins with identifying the needs of the consumers, even the latent needs, designing the product accordingly, make that product available at the right place at the right price doing right kind of promotion, resulting in customer satisfaction and profits to the marketeer.
Sales is just a transaction. Marketeers are interested in converting their products into cash and consumers are interested in converting their cash into products. Both of them meet in the marketplace and exchanges products and cash. This process is known as sales.
25th November 2009 From India , Nagpur
I'm Jeet an MBA student of RCM, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.
In my view marketing is an organisational function for creating, communicating & delivering value to customers & for managing customer relationship in ways that benefits the organisation & the stake holder.It is customer centric as well as profit centric. Here the after sales service plays a major concern.
Sales is a tool used by the manufacturer of a product for generating revenue by delivering the desired product to the customers who have the willingness and ability to pay for it. It is only profit centric. Here after sales service never comes into picture.
1st December 2009 From India , Calcutta
I WANT TO REPLY TO INDU_MAZ..WELL THE the girl involved in the ticket counter is engaged in selling activity..because after selling t the airline agency he ticket u r not setting an customer like relationship with her..u wont contact her for further bookings...its strictly professional...rather u will contact the airlines issuing tickets...nor she is your customer that u will frequently call her for bookings...
2nd December 2009 From Thailand , Bangkok
My dear young generation friends,
Sales is delivering a product,service or concept at the final consumer's destination in exchange of a value,mostly, money.
Sales needs a consumer, a sales person and a product generally with a salesmanship with some supporting accessories.
Marketing is organizing distribution of such products,services or concepts to as many people as possible in a desired territory in a planned manner. Marketing needs an elaborate marketing arrangement with an area, products, one or more advertising media, distribution channels, salesmanship and finally sales counters that satisfy the needs of consumers.
Hence, sales is a part of a marketing program, while marketing is an arrangement to make more and more sales of the products.
Pnk Guru
Business Strategist
26th July 2010 From India , Madras

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In simple defination sales is where u can sell product in simple way means just explaining its features or functions,but marketing is a very detailed sales proceedure where you have to marketing the in several ways like publicity,promotions or road showe etc..
14th December 2010 From United Arab Emirates , Dubai
sales means selling some products which us useful for human beaing and marking means purchasing some goods for our use
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15th December 2010 From India , New Delhi
Marketing is a continues process, which starts from
Market research
New/Update product devolopment
After Sales Service
These steps are depend on Customer's needs , wants and requirements to saisfy them.
Sales is a part and important of marketing.
17th December 2010 From India , Bangalore
Dear Mihir,
Sales is a process converting product/service in to cash.
Marketing is a process of creating needs and convert that need in to satisfaction.
Interview questions may depends upon the company, product, industry and many other factors are there....
All the best
Jayesh Papaiya

18th December 2010 From India , Mumbai
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