Dear Friends, I would like to konw the difference between Sales/Marketing. And key interview question for the Manager Sales/Marketing. Hope you all would be supprt me, Thanking You, Mihir
From India , Calcutta
Hello Friend
Marketing is many time relationship where u have to maintain ur relationship with ur customer after sales also.
where sales is one time relationship where once u sale ur product is finished.
marketing is product centric. sales is customer centric.

Sales is part of Marketing. Marketing contains much larger responsibilities. Sales is an acquired form. Marketing is an art. Marketing is customer centric and Sales is product centric.
From India , Pune
Dear Friends.................
marketing starts from customer and sales starts from factory.
And in sales we mainly focus on numbers or profit but in marketing we focus on customer satisfaction as well.

From India, Kolkata
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From United States , Goose Creek
Selling is the process to meet the seller’s need and marketing is to meet the customer satisfaction.....:)
From India , Bangalore
Mktg. is much wider than selling & ofcourse more dynamic too.Selling is just a part of the Mktg process which is an on going process.Selling- view business as a goods producing process whereas Mktg views business as a customer satisfying process.
selling starts with the seller,focus is on the needs of sellers.Whereas Mktg starts with the buyer & focuses on the needs of buyer.
Priyanka Mathur

A professional differntiation between Marketing & Sales is very slim, although both complete each other, but still both are linked in a way or another. There is a difference between both in practice, While Marketing is the art of creating needs, Studying the markets, recommends strategies and states policies and procedures for promoting products and/or Services, Sales execute those policies and procedures in the market.

Apart from this relationship, a marketer role starts from before planning an industry, to check on the market needs, requirements, values, etc... Across to the planning of the product package and appearance towards the planning of the strategies to sell that product. All during the planning stages; the marketer should be aware of his market, should have all the updated data about the macro environment as well as the micro status sorrounding the launch of the new product.

The Sales role comes after, to make sure that the strategies have been implemented, and sales have been done. A wise salesman does not wait for a marketer to draw his annual targets. He should refer to the marketing strategy and accordingly design his own targets and break them down into segments and months. The activity of the salesman in the market rewards the marketing strategy which has been put by the marketer.

So, in short both complete each other, while the first works on studies and planning the second works on execution and feedback.

I wish I could cover a little part of the difference which as I see it very negligible .


Nabeel Al Wazzan
Business Consultant
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From Kuwait , Kuwait
This is Ram from vizag.
Sale and marketing ar different. Marketing is the process of finding the customer requirement about a particular product and target them to acuire the product in appropriate time. where as sale is a part of marketing. customer is posses to buy the product is called sale. i hope u catch the point what i want to say.

From India , Hyderabad
1.Marketing is targetting for every user (old or new) But
Sales targets for who is going to buy the product.
2.Marketing is necessary for selling the product. In marketing we can target
huge customers at a time but not in sales.

From India , Hyderabad

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