All the appreciation in the world isn't enough to keep one motivated all year round, specially if that one happens to be a sales person :icon4:
So what do you suggest would be the best ways to keep that motivation going !?!

17th November 2008 From India , Bangalore

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Sales huh... that can be a tuffy. There should be something that can keep him motivated on the job. You can consider getting them devices like iPods, PDAs, fancy mobiles, etc. If this is too much of a burden as gifts, you can give these as benifits thru interest free schemes or something lie that.
19th November 2008 From India , Bangalore
This question hit a nerve with me, as I constantly preach about this to clients. I've been involved in several, high-stakes sales transformation initiatives over the years, all involving complex B2B sales, mostly in the IT industry.

My answer: before anything else, make sure you put the right person in the right job. Nothing is more important than this -- not comp plans, coverage schemes, territory assignments, training -- nothing. you see all the training in the world can't teach a fish to walk.
There is only one book I recommend to clients about sales performance: "How to Hire and Develop Your Next Top Performer" by Herb Greenberg. Apart from that do not be stingy about rewards and recognitions and I advised one of my clients to give iPods to their sales staff where they can access training material while on the call and guess what..its been a topper of an idea this season so far...here it is (iPod your life) BTW I am not charging u for this one.
19th November 2008 From India , Bangalore
The burn out faced by sales guys are the highest and to keep them motivated companies usually have an excellent rewards and recognition plan. Quarterly sales compensation, annual sales events in a foreign country, electronic gadgets.......the list can go on.
19th November 2008 From India , Bangalore
What I would suggest is giving a target which is clearly achievable( what I believe is a sense of accomplishment always motivates you to set a higher goals for yourselves) and a bit of freedom of putting in new ideas, may be he/she is a junior but some times it woks and if not the junior member or the person who has implemented the idea would learn a lesson....

23rd November 2008 From India , Hyderabad
Hi guys.I am conducting a small research on what motivates different car sales men.Any relevant questionnaires or articles ?
23rd November 2008 From United Kingdom , Uxbridge
Here are a link you can check:
Additionally, Roy mentioned about iPods with regards to gifting them to salesmen.
Definitely a swell idea!!
Here is site which can help: iPod your life
3rd December 2008 From India , Bangalore
Thank you sunil for the site. Ipod will be a good gift to motivate sales people . gifting them with ipod will be a boost to them. the site sunil mentioned is really worth looking in it. They have offers and discounts for corporate people for bulk purchase. iPod your life.
16th December 2008 From India , Bangalore
I highly appreciate discussing this subject, and support Clara’s point that we should place the right person in the right place.
First of all, as a business consultant, and based on a quarter of a century in marketing and sales management and training; I want to emphasize on the fact that rewarding sales staff should be relative to the performance they achieve in the market.
Anyhow based on Management Science; an employee passes in four different stages which affect his/her performance during the course of his work and assignments.
1- The Affiliation stage: which is the starting stage for an employee; during which this staff needs to feel affiliated, cared about, belongs to, accepted, and a part of the working group.
2- The Stability stage: It is the period which follows the Affiliation, and during this period an employee should feel stable in work, income and safe within the working group. He/She should not be threatened to be thrown out or dismissed at anytimes for no reasons.
3- The Growth stage: During this period the employee should feel appreciation reflected in promotion, salary and status advancement within the working group. This period is very important to a staff, and is always expected that one day it should be there.
4- The Power stage: It is the period where the staff achieves the maximum advancement within the entity and starts to impose decisions, puts regulations and plan strategies for that entity. He becomes more heard and more effective. The experience which he has passed into during the previous stages gave him the power to take right decisions.
At each of the above stages, the staff (Talking now about Sales Staff) should be rewarded based on his achievement. Gifts, Ipods, Bonuses etc.. are relative to the measurement of the upper management of his achievement.
To be fair rewarding a Sales Staff, it is important to have a scientific measurement scale for his achievement, taking into consideration what targets should he achieve in terms of Sales and Collection, His sales panel growth and all this should be measured against the period during which he should achieve those targets within.
For more details about this measurement tool, Marketing & Sales Consultants® have a vast experience to guide your management towards the best methods of creating those measurement tools, according to your entity’s needs and requirements. As a Consultant and business founder, heading Marketing & Sales Consultants® in the Middle East; I am willing to give you guys all the information that you need to grow your Sales Force into a real money generating team. Do not hesitate to communicate with me, On Citesales.com I offer this information for free because I look forward to see a real clean scientific marketing generation growing in the markets of Asia, Middle East and Africa.
17th December 2008 From Kuwait , Kuwait
Motivation is an important factor that needed for everyone in any level of organisation .It can be in any way by just pushing your employees to set a goal . Rewarding them with gifts on the festive seasons, etc. are some of the ways but its the way that you show the motivating skill in a decent way by gifting or rewarding them.
19th December 2008 From India , Bangalore

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