LIFE is an Opportunity for Better Careers

LIFE means Leadership Improvement For Everyone. And every one of us has ample opportunities to make it happen. But it is tricky since the very ‘opportunity’ itself is a choice. You have a choice to lose an opportunity, wait for an opportunity, grab an opportunity or better still create an opportunity.

It is observed that top performers always attempt to create new and exciting opportunities without worrying about the past and taking advantage of the present. Good performers do grab opportunities as they come along and make most out of it.

The average performer keeps waiting for opportunities and may not even recognize that they are there all around as they expect spoon feeding. The poor performers make a mess of life situations and lose opportunities.

The poor are the inadequate performers, always concentrating on their weaknesses and problems. The Average performers are the adequate performers generally able to make both ends meet as their strengths are taken advantage of by others.

The good and top performers are good at seizing opportunities using their strengths and powers. They are aware of their weaknesses and limitations and hence are clever in eliminating threats to their success. But they believe in their strengths and work on it more than the others. They believe in their powers to open up opportunities like never before. This win within is what makes them click and succeed since it stems from basic belief of continuous improvement.

It is your time now, to make it happen. Learn the techniques and methods of how you can and your organization or family can create opportunity of abundance, peace, progress and prosperity.

CAREER MAPPING is the Solution. Career Mapping is much more than career planning. Indeed any career planning effort needs the firm foundation of Career Mapping.

So what is Career Mapping?
Career Mapping is based on the science of psychology of human behavior. It is based on the time tested principle that ‘to succeed in one’s career, one has to identify and work on one’s strengths and not on weaknesses’. ‘One has to get the best out of their powers and not be stuck with problems’.

Career Mapping makes use of psychometric assessments to help the individual to get to know one’s strengths and weaknesses based on heredity and environmental influences in one’s life. It provides total clarity to the individual of one’s KASHKnowledge, Attitudes, Skills & Habits.

Career Mapping is not about what the market conditions are or of the dynamics of ever changing economy. It is about the strengths, powers, competencies, intelligence, likes, preferences and feelings of the individual based on their genetics and upbringing.

Who will benefit from Career Mapping?
1.Those looking for job first time
2.Those looking for a change of job
3.Those looking for definite Career Growth and progress
4.Those looking for an independent business opportunity
5.Those already business and wish to grow further
6.Those wishing to help their colleagues, family and friends.

It is time you get serious about your career since it is not about any job but is about, what is good for you based on your innate strengths and powers. Get professional help right from the very start but it is never too late if you are already in employment or facing the uphill task of mid-life career crisis. Career Mapping is of high value for continuous improvement in one’s career.

Now you have an exciting opportunity to learn more about the science of Career Mapping in one single day from industry professionals backed by rich and varied expertise and international experience. Register yourself or your people either for the Career Aspirant Training or for the Working Adult Training and benefit all the way in your life.

Dozen benefits from the Career Mapping workshop are;
1.Learning how Career Mapping helps career planning
2.Taking right steps to set career goals
3.Learning how to Identify strengths and Weaknesses
4.Learning how to turn strengths into career opportunities
5.Learning how to avoid career threats due to inherent weaknesses
6.Enhancing self awareness in terms of KASH
7.Getting to know what works best for you.
8.Learning how to develop and practice the right habits for right careers
9.Dealing with hidden attitudes and getting the best out of it for career growth
10.Identifying knowledge and skills gaps and mapping it to support career progress
11.Leveraging on right resources for your progress
12.Learn and practice visualization techniques to make it happen

This is the most happening program that is bound to start a thinking process within you so as to make you a winner. The true winner in whatever is good for you. Come join us today and discover what is good for you.

If you wish to recommend this valuable program in your own organization to benefit more people or wish to have it conducted in your city, you feel free to contact us. You can count on us professional help.

For yourself, register now by reaching us on 91 80 41161534 /35 or email at

Career Aspirant Training: 01 Feb 2009 – Bengaluru – Rs900/- + 12.36%
Working Adults Training: 31 Jan 2009 _ Bengaluru – Rs1400/- + 12.36%

Best wishes for a rewarding career and life!

From India , Bangalore

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