I am new to this forum......I work for a commercial furniture company...The biggest problem in my organisation is employee motivation...will someone give me tips on various ways to motivate my employees?
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The problem you are facing is one which top notch organisations also face now and then.
Motivation is most important to get 100% from your employees. I could only guide you with few points which I think could work out.
Give your employees rewards but ensure that they are given to them with some personal touch. This would make them feel special and part of your organisation.
Celebrating accomplishments with your employees could also do wonders in their effieciency and effectiveness.
Moral boosters like some healthy competitions could also be done. Try out for some cricket hungama at your place.
Creating a fun workplace could also be one of the good motivator.
Hope it will work out for you.

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Thx Pooja

Yes,cricket hungama wud work...:)

I have also started an employee referral scheme in our organisation ...also I have done away with the grievance box....Instead I encourage my employees to come to me directly with their grievances...The trouble in my organisation is there has been no one to question the employees for years now ...they are a pampered lot...and as a result lazy.... there r certain changes that I have had to make despite opposition from the workforce ...but I think they r warming hungama is a good start...the trouble is not just with the employees...the owners seem pretty content just making profits...everytime I try to move forward I hit a block...and its frustrating....their point is ..AS LONG AS WE ARE MAKING PROFITS THERE IS NO NEED FOR INNOVATION...We manufacture commercial furniture and I feel its important to invest in research to better our products ...also we need a functional HR dept ...the idea was rejected....I also suggested takeovers and I was laughed out of the office....Ive reached a dead end...It's difficult to motivate employees to work for an organisation dat doesnt want to hungama or motivational games might help to the extent of creating a fun work environment...but what abt motivation to achieve higher targets...I have some ideas...however I would welcome ur ideas as well....thx for a prompt reply...:)


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Dear Manisha,

Let me give you some pointers for motivating your employees.

You have a lot of Ambition for your department and Enthusiasm towards your work. But your last mail suggested you are losing your enthusiasm abt ur work. Just try to transfer your positive energy to ur employees. If you work with a lot of positive energy, then you will automatically transfer it to them with ur actions. This will seem to u as some bookish gyan. But it is not.. i hv experienced this myself when i m with my boss. He is such an enthusistic person that he automatically transfers his energy to us very subtly thru his actions.

Plz understand, if ur employees r 100% convinced abt ur products & if they hv any issues. If they r not convinced it wud reflect in their work. They would not hv the ownership of the company & their responsibilities. Their attitude wud be ...'even though our products r not as good as our competitors, we r still reching our targets, that's more than enough, wat more do u expect?'

Try & organize some functions where there families r invited, the employees r rewarded in front of their families. trust me this can be a small function without any hype & heavy expenditure.

Try using techniques like, Neuro Linguistic Programmimg (NLP) & Emotive Freedom Techniques (EFT) so that u can work on the believes of the employees & make them more enthu abt their work. Again i wud tell u, these r not bookish techinques, we use them in our organization & they are effective 100%.

Plz let me know, if u considered any of these suggestions & i m sure they wud work.

All the best!


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Hi Manisha,

I joined this forum late, yet thought of sending my suggestions in case it helps.

Even though you said that you have problem motivating your staff, from the second mail it appears that your problems are much bigger. You have a problem motivating your employers to buy into your business growth initiatives on one hand; and then have a problem implementing your goal achievement plans with your staff, since the management support for this is not forthcoming.

As you rightly figured out, creating more fun in the work place is no solution.

Do you think you have joined the right organization? What are the responsibiities that were given to you when you were recruited? If the management does not want to share your growth vision, you have your task cut out:

(1) Impress upon them the need to grow and get out of their comfort zones;

(2) If the above cannot be done, look for another company that values your ideas.

You cannot motivate your staff towards achieving their new goals, unless this task is evident and enforced through compensation plans which are supported and monitored by the management. So, spend your energies on motivating your management first, if you want to stay with them, that is.

How do you do that? Drop your grand take over plans for now. Too much of a good thing is frightening. Start slowly and gradually. Implement small changes first. Show them results which are immediate, which will get noticed by them. See, problem with the grand expansion and innovation plans is that they all cost money immediately, with no guarantee of immediate returns/ guarantee of a capable person (such as you) staying long enough to see them through. Make small changes, that are likely to result in immediate returns. Show them and then use your success as a leverage to bargain for better and bigger plans.

I doubt if the management is averse to growth per se. I suspect that they are more circumspect of the viability of the initiatives or their immediate prospects. It could be that they burnt their fingure in the past. It may also be that growth is scaring them. I have seen many people who simply do not want to expand since they are afraid that they will not be able to manage the complexities that a bigger organization and bigger wealth bring in. You need to verify with them what exacty is holding them back. If the latter is the reason, you have a tough task. If they are only doubtful of the viability, follow our "think small" approach mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Meanwhile, get your new employee goals/ targets and a corresponding compensation plan approved by the management. (Assuming that the demotivating factors such as basic salary, good work environment, etc are adequately taken care of) Employees cannot be motivated to behave in new ways unless these behaviors are reinforced through compensation plans that use metrics that correspond with the new behaviors and targets.

Let the following be the guideines when you establish new targets:

1. Provide moderate and realistic challenges, not too agressive targets please;

2. Include the sales people in sales planning & goal setting;

3. Show how they benefit and as far as possible encourage each one to use more of those behaviors in which they excel and less of those in which they are weak;

4. Provide continuous feedback on achievement;

5. "Catch them doing something right", as Ken Blanchard says & praise new behaviors and successes "in the moment";

6. Use every interaction between you and sales people as an "in the moment" coaching opportunity;

7. Keep compensation plans simple and tightly linked with performance; help them achieve those;

8. Be fair in the way all sales people are managed and rewarded;

9. Ensure that rewards are appreciated by all people;

10. Modest awards can motivate, but only if the entire company culture supports it;

11. Formulate your incentive program in such a way that you reward more than a select few sales people.

12. Take their suggestions for any innovations.

With the kind of will you display & the capabilities at your disposal, I am sure you will be successfull. Take care & all the best.

From India , Delhi
Thanyou guys for your various suggestions.

I didnt catch your names.

I am in the process of organising an outbound team building exercise which will encourage bonding between my employees...I am looking at Karjat as a destination for this has been approved by the management...keeping my fingers crossed..:)I dont know about my employees but u guys have managed to motivate me...:)jokes apart I was at Banglore for a meeting with the management and they have also agreed to look into the setting up if an HR cell in Mumbai...they have already installed a lady to take care of the process locally at Banglore but given the kind of expansion we r looking at I suggested doing it nationally...not just locally...I'll tell u a funny incidence dat occured recently in our organisation...we were looking for sales executuives and installation engineers for our Mumbai branch and this was the time i pointed out the need for an HR dept...I spoke to my boss at the head office and he assured me they had put up job postings at naukri and monster...and a few other portals as well....apparently they had bought various packages and these packages allowed them access to a range of biodatas from all over India...I then asked who was screening the biodatas and if I could have a look at the same...and u know what he said!?do we have to access the biodatas ourselves?I said ..yes and that we also need to go through the cvs ...screen the to them...and eventually find the right fit...there was no one to do all this and I was shocked to know that thay were sitting on a gold mine...not knowing what to do...I guess waiting for the cvs to fall into their lap...anyway....we also have a decent advertising budget plan this year and I hope to give valuable suggestions for the same...I have approached a freind of mine at Mudra for the same and he said the budget was very encouraging...lets hope that happens soon...we seriously need to advertise....anyway....our organisation is in the process of becoming a corporate from a family owned business...the transition takes time ....but it will happen ....I think I am also being considered for spearheading the revamping of our factories....we have had some problems regarding deliveries ...availabilty of information ...streamlining of procedures..etc..and I might be part of the team to set it right...will know soon...thank you guys once again for ur inputs...keep writing...:)


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HellO, I m Jagannath. As You have asked the question How to Motivate employees ? I m suggesting you that first try to find out the interest of the emplyoees. In order to get the job from them assign the duties and resposibilites as per their interest for few days. And cleverly you will have to capture them which is completely depending upon yours talent and skill.
If you want to know more in details. I can help you....
My E-mail ID

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sorabh mehta

1)Create a motivating work environment

Reward and recognize individual and team contributions

Improve communication

Strategies to improve job satisfaction

Reduce absenteeism

Enhance team building

Build fun at work


Need a real-life example? As a consultant, I developed a program called “My Shining Star!” for a client. I made sure team members had access to an unlimited supply of “My Shining Star!” forms to hand-write a little note about the good job their co-workers did. On the back of the form, we listed the behaviors the store want to recognize, including:

Demonstrates friendly, caring service

Shows flexibility

Demonstrates teamwork

Helps to save money

The "Shining Star" program was a shining success--teamwork, attitudes, and employee engagement soared.

Successful organizations motivate and energize their workforces to achieve high levels of productivity, and I have spent hundreds of hours researching and gathering information on what they do that works.

I've condensed and summarized these tips for easy implementation so you can quickly:

Improve performance

Create innovative and fun ways to reward your team or staff

Get employees engaged

Become a more effective manager.

From India , Ludhiana
sorabh mehta
Map out your Motivation How Writing Things down Commits You to Success

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From India , Ludhiana
The best way is to make employees aware of what is happening in the organisation and keep them involved. Get them excited to their job. It is mainly a corp comm and HR function. The best way is to deploy an intranet and use it effectively. By a recent study that was conducted by the Gartner Group, the Intranet as a tool for EE communication has helped enterprises
- to carry 20% premium
- 4.5 times better employee engagements
- 20% less employee attrition rate
You may want to explore this route.
Pritish Desai

From India , Pune

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