Pre Sales Preparation Services
First time in the world services of this kind
Study’s tell us that about 50% of sales people are not able to achieve their targets because they are not able to attract enough new customers and because of which lot of inventories keep lying in warehouses or remain unsold or services remain unsold. Now if this is so with your company too, then you need to find a solution quickly. And we can help you in doing that.
• Let me ask you how many of your sales people did not achieve their sales targets consistently in the last many months?
• And how does it make you feel to see them failing?
• Does it hurt to see your competition winning the deals your sales people should have won for you?

From India , Delhi

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And if you really do feel bad, don’t worry help is at hand!!!
Now your sales people will find it lot easier to pre sell the prospects even before meeting them or during face to face interaction & sales presentation with them.
And win those big deals for you!
Now your sales people will know WHAT TO SAY NEXT at any point in every sales talk which will enhance their effectiveness as sellers thereby winning those elusive sales
Our pre sales preparation services include:
√ Powerful PowerPoint presentation based on market data and your core story taking into account the pain and pleasure matrix to empower your sales people so that they can give powerful sales presentation to the prospects and turn them into your clients. .
√ Conversational statements to present your offer – Customers do not care about the wonderful features of your offer, they only care about the results, that is the benefits your products / services will produce for them.

From India , Delhi

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We will construct benefits of your products / services by taking each feature of your offer. We will take the highlights of your products / services / company and turn them into powerful selling statements which your sales people can learn and understand and use them when they are sitting with their prospects at the time of sales to persuade buyers powerfully.

√ Sales Scripts in the form of persuasive questions especially developed for you – Professional sales people spend most of their time questioning customers to find out their problems. They only present their offer when they know it will solve a problem.

Your sales people should know what questions to ask prospects even before they approach the prospects for business or meeting them in the prospects office or welcoming them in the showroom.

We will develop customized questions pertaining to your products / services to

ask the prospects so that your sales people can create interest and also ask pointed questions to enter the mind of the prospects, to find out their deep pains and then present your solution to overcome those pains.

Types of customized to your products / services questions / scripts we will develop:

• Foot canvassing calls – Walking in cold in offices

• Getting through gatekeepers – receptionists / secretaries (On the phone / face to face)

• Attention getting / theme based sales openers for Cold Calling / for appointment

with prospective customers – both benefit oriented opening / problem oriented


• Opening the sales calls face to face with prospective buyers

• Making prospects hungry to listen to you

• Persuasive Sales Questions to create awareness on prospective buyers pains they

may have and pleasure they can get by buying your products / services

√ Questions to know buyers ‘current facts & situations

√ Problems / pains they are facing in their sales operations / products / services they

are using

√ Consequences questions - if they do not solve their current / future problems /

consequences they may face

√ Value / decision questions

√ Follow up questions

• Most common sales objections and their sales rebuttals

• Handling price objections

• Follow up questions

• Handling competition

What's in it for you? Your benefits.

1. Increased sales revenue and profits for you

2. More effective use of the sales persons time – fewer / forgotten / uncovered items that

require additional steps or conversations in the sales process

3. A shorter sales cycle / process, Lower cost of sales

4. Reduction of ‘how do you do’ or ‘goodwill’ sales calls leading to a more effective use

of time, higher close ratios

5. You can train your new marketing executives faster with these sales tools & turn

them into sales kings immediately after they join you.

6. Clearer and easier identification of customer specific needs / wants

7. Increased confidence of your sales people, Greater credibility of your sales people

8. A more professional perception of your sales people in the eyes of your customers

9. A better use of customers’ time, Greater control of the sales cycle

Check out samples of some of the things that we will develop for you attached herewith!

What next?

Call us and we can explain and demonstrate the efficacy of these powerful sales enhancers customized to your products and services. Then you can choose to get these tools developed for your sales people and let them loose in the market to slaughter the competition and take bigger market share for you through greater sales.

More power to you!

Jamal Shah


A-12, J3/76D,

Malviya Nagar

New Delhi - 110017

Cell: 9891439772

From India , Delhi

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