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Hi guys i am working in hong kong based MNC as telemarketing executive. I am clients which do not belong to Delhi so i need to make std calls that is out of my city. As my colleagues they are in direct sales, so they fixed appointment with clients and go and meet them twice & thrice and able to make sales . But in my case my boss says me that u need to make sales on phone .
Now my clients outside my city told me to come we are interested in your product but my boss is saying that make sure you are going you sign a contract as don't want you go enjoy and come back without any business. But i am myself not sure whether they will sign or not in my eyes its an appointment but for my boss its contract tell me should i go or not?
From India , Delhi
Hi, I think first you should talk over phone to the client and tell him the reason for your visit and then go to the client’s place. Good luck.. Nancy
From India , Bangalore
Sales is a WIN - WIN for both the you and your client. While interacting with the client check the following -
1. His interest on the product or the solution
2. Has a really understood the advantages of the Product. In turn just ask few questions like: How do you think the product or solution is going to help you. Is the pricing well close to you budget. Do you have any allocated funds for this product. When do you plan to buy the product/ implement the solution(approximate time). During these questionares try feeling the importance and urgency of the client. Than take suitable steps. You might make mistakes intially in your judgement but that is an experience. I am sure you will not repeat it again.
2. Openly admit to the client that i am available on this number for any clarifications and if i have to come over to his(client's) place, you would make it for the final discussion. Today even the client understands the cost involved in traveling. If he wants your product or solution he will call you. In the final meeting the client checks the credibiltiy of the company, by how you impress him. You need to speak inside out i.e., speak from the client's perspective. This gives a confidence that you care. Not the least the pricing. Please understand that if the confidence of the client on you is very good, the price negotitation will not be an issue.

All the deals cannot be successful. I think your boss also knows that. If in case he says that you are going to enjoy and he is negative, than check out your performance or your boss views about you. Sales is just about TRUST. Give the best, you will get the best.

I think the suggestion might help you.

Thanks Good Luck.

Have a happy sales.
From India , Bangalore
When you first speak to the client make sure he does not have any other product in his mind. try to ask more questions like- About time period he would require to procure it,Ask him if he can understand about the advantages,,Some times Clients jus have no other work than wasting someone else s precious time..So when you are going to meet a client he /she is their in town and in office..If they are busy, they just send you back with out sparing a second for you..Keep all these things in mind before a client meeet..
All the best..
From India , Bangalore
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