:D Hi everyone...
i'm Preeti.. doing my first yr MBA in Coimbatore. i've (after a long dilemma of course!!) decided to take up marketing as my major in second yr.. i do have doubts and ter still r conventional theories like "marketing is not 4 gals" buggin me a lot.. but i thot i'd find some company here.. actually the prob was finance is really scary.. HR?.. well tat was an option.. but it dint quite tempt me as marketing did.. actually if anyone out here can help me come out of all these doubts i'd be damn grateful.. anyways.. hopin to drop by quite often, now tat i've joined..

From India , Coimbatore
Hi Preeti,
Welcome aboard!
Good to see new members joining the community at regular intervals. And every time I thank the founders to make like minded people meet at one corner and share their insights.
Congrats on taking up MBA Marketing as your major. Hey to begin with why have doubts on taking marketing and bogging yourselves down with the decision. You have taken a good one indeed. And I have nothing to say for the comment "Marketing are not for gals" - I wish Mr. Philip could clarify this doubt effectively :)
Just go ahead and rock preethi, life would be great yaar being a marketing person.
Good Luck

From India , Madras
hiya.. :P good to see someone encouragin so much.. since tis is jus an introducin forum i'd better jump on to others 4 other discussions.. anyways fine.. take care all..
P.S.- who's Mr.Philip by de way?.. Ignore tis if its too dumb!!! :lol:

From India , Coimbatore
Hi Preeti,
Really appreciating your self confident in selecting marketing. In today's world gals are shining in all the fields than guys. Believe it - High expectations are the key to achieve the impossible. On the path of success always lies big O's, many read them as obstacles. Only few read them as opportunities. Attitude matters a lot. So always be positive.
I believe you can do better and prove yourself in marketing even before completing your MBA. Would you like to know How ? And interested to become a successful in life...................
pl catch me on 98426 59514 (Coimbatore) or mail me to
Please remember, If you are comfortable in standing alone, the world will come to you seeking the secret of your success.
Have a terrific day and shine like the star you are!
Be great today !

From India , Madurai
HI Preethi

Welcome to the forum... Just Take this as a friendly advice from your senior.... Make decision on your specilisation based on your interest and abilities... sit down and work on yourstrengths and weaknesses.... i

Since you have chosen marketing as yourr career now square down as to where your final destination in marketing would be....

If you r strong inmaking presentations look for jobs which require your presentation skills and appearence like selling finance products or industry products to corporate clients or high networth individuals...

if you are good at managing teams you can choose profiles which involve managing sales team and generating leads and forecasting markets...

if you are creative you can also choose ad agencies...they pay you less but its a really interesting and lively job...

if youare good at analysis choose marketing research or back end marketing jobs...

If you are good at interacting you can opt for profiles which require direct contacts with customers.... direct sales is not fully going for door knocks....

remember no company is going to pick up an MBA just like that for selling its products door by door... they pick MBA for their abilities to see and solve problems in a different way... they recruit youngsters for their energy and fresh ideas....

so first decide weather you r going to serve in front end by having direct or indirect contact with customers or sit in back end and serve the sales team...

so dont worry... marketing is not only mans job... there are lots of girls who outshine men... i hope that you be one among them....

with lots of wishes and regards



From India , Coimbatore

When it comes to your career,

-you alone make it .








My suggestion is

-take an aptitude test / consult a career counsellor.

AT the initial entry point , you can join as a management


-with advertising agency

-with marketing department of large corporations

-with marketing consulting firms.



-junior accounts executive

-accounts executive

-senior accounts executive

-accounts director


-sales promotion manager


-media planning manager


media manager





-marketing assistant

-assistant marketing manager

-marketing manager

-sales promotion manager

-marketing communication manager

-marketing planning manager

-market development manager

-product manager

-group product manager

-marketing director

-vice president marketing

-marketing research manager

-market development

etc etc.




I would also like to inform you that ,

you can also try marketing positions within FINANCE COS.

The finance cos. like





have large marketing departments.









Marketing Competency: Is demonstrated through performance of business activities that bring buyers and

sellers together, ultimately moving products, services and/or solutions from the producer to the end user.

Marketing activities include planning, pricing, advertising, selling, distribution of products/performance of

services and servicing products after the sale.


Market Research:

Develop and apply knowledge of your customers, competitors and solutions to best increase your revenue

potential. Understand the importance of information in effective marketing and how market research can

help you in your business decisions. Understand and use market research tools and techniques;


Marketing Strategy:

Apply market research in the development of a long-range, comprehensive framework in support of

accomplishing the firm’s goals. Understand and practice the three major stages of marketing strategy

development: identification and evaluation of opportunities, market segmentation analysis and target market

selection, and marketing mix planning.


Marketing Planning:

Understand and apply operational and strategic planning practices to establish marketing goals and design

efficient, executable marketing programs. Use DistributorPlan to create joint marketing plans. Identify

and use distributor marketing planning resources and benefits. Understand and implement product

maBrketing strategies. Frame sound marketing principles within the context of customer service.


Marketing Management:

Understand and apply knowledge of demand, buyer wants/needs and the marketplace to develop an

effective marketing mix. Adapt general management techniques to apply a decision-making process that

facilitates planning, executing and controlling operating activities that help the firm achieve its goals.


Marketing Communications:

Understand how marketing communications is the practice of applying the study of human nature to the real

world of business. Use knowledge of the marketing strategy and plans to communicate value. Select the

communications vehicles and media that best meet your business needs and budget. Understand how to

measure the results of communications.


================================================== ========


A-1 Measures Performance

Regularly measures market, competitive, and business

performance in order to anticipate trends.


A-2 Develops & Tests

Hypotheses / Scenarios

Identifies trends and seeks possible causes and rationales

re. opportunities and problems. Identifies and gathers data

needed to prove or disprove hypotheses.


A-3 Analyzes Data & Draws Conclusions

Analyzes relevant data. Draws conclusions and generates

insights. Prioritizes solutions and opportunities.


A-4 Develops Recommended Approach

Creates or revises Business Review or Recommendation

document to recommend top solutions and opportunities.


A-5 ForecastsSales & Production

Attends monthly forecast meetings and provides accurate

commercial trends.


A-6 Tracks Sales & Production

Actuals vs. Plan

Monitors performance and highlights issues for review at



AI-1 Engages Internal Stakeholders

Engages internal stakeholders in bringing key problems and

opportunities to the forefront.


AI-2 Engages External Stakeholders

Engages external stakeholders

to better understand problems or opportunities.


AI-3 Gains Commitment

Influences stakeholders by communicating the

recommended solutions or opportunities with rationale in a

manner relevant to each audience.



S-1 Develops Strategy

Develops company life cycle strategy for the area to

gain long-term competitive advantage in the market.


S-2 Develops Brand Positioning

Develops the brand positioning maximizing competitive



S-3 Develops Brand Plan

Creates a plan specifying Marketing Mix and weighting of

efforts across regions, segments, seasons, indications,

and/or devices.


S-4 Secures Approval of Brand Plan

Secures appropriate company priority and resource allocation.


SI-1 Engages & Influences Internal Stakeholders

Persuades management and other area team

members of the “rightness” of the strategy.

Ensures adoption of brand positioning by all internal



SI-2 Engages External Stakeholders

Ensures relevance of brand positioning with key external



SI-3 Gains Commitment to Strategic Actions

Obtains commitment of internal resources to brand strategic



T-1 Formulates Tactics

Identifies tactical alternatives and selects tactics that will move customers along the Adoption

Pathway and achieve competitive advantage.


T-2 Briefs Resource Groups

Briefs internal/external resource groups to design tactics.


T-3 Assesses AudienceN Appeal

Tests tactics (especially for the sales force) to ensure they are effective with different target audience segments.


T-4 Implements Tactics

Delivers tactics on time, by customer segment, with

sufficient differentiation to support Sales’ customer-access



T-5 Measures & Enhances Tactics

Measures ROI of major tactics. Modifies tactics based on sales rep and customer feedback and

other brand performance data.


TI-1 Engages & Influences

Internal Stakeholders

Engages internal stakeholders in identifying and evaluating

tactical alternatives.


TI-2 Engages & Influences

External Stakeholders

Engages external stakeholders in identifying and evaluating

tactical alternatives.


TI-3 Gains Commitment

to Tactical Plans

Gains internal stakeholder

commitment to implementation of tactics.


K-1Offers Problem

Solving Support

Acts as a resource for contactors to solve problems of

key customers, in order to advance them along the

Adoption Pathway.


KI-1 Engages & Influences

Internal Stakeholders

Engages internal stakeholders in identifying opportunities

and actions.


KI-2 Coordinates with Sales

Leverages and coordinates

Marketing activities with Sales activities.


KI-3 Gains Commitment

Obtains commitment to plans and actions.

================================================== ============================================



Securing relevant information and identifying key issues and relationships; relating and comparing data from different sources; identifying cause/effect relationships.



Committing to an action after developing alternative courses of action that are based on logical assumptions and factual information and that take resources, constraints and organisational values into consideration.



Making timely decisions judgements; taking actions when appropriate; committing to position


Technical/Professional Knowledge

Having achieved a satisfactory level of technical and professional skills/knowledge in job‑related areas; keeping abreast of current developments and trends in areas of expertise.


Planning and Organising

Establishing a course of action *or sequence of activities to accomplish a specific goal; planning proper assignments of people and allocating resources; communicating expectations about tasks and deadlines; developing contingency plans focusing energy and time on priority goals, requirements and problem areas.


Individual Leadership

Using appropriate interpersonal styles and methods to inspire and guide individuals towards goal achievement; modifying behaviour to accommodate tasks situations and individuals involved.



Active participation in, and facilitation of, team effectiveness; taking actions that demonstrate consideration of the feelings and needs of others; being aware of the effect of one's behaviour on others.



Taking action that indicates a consideration for the feelings and needs of others; being aware of the impact of one's behaviour on others.


Meeting Leadership (Facilitation)

Using appropriate interpersonal styles and methods to motivate and guide a meeting toward its objectives; modifying behaviour according to tasks and individual present.


Developing Organisational Talent

Developing a subordinate's skills and competencies by planning effective development activities related to current and future jobs. Considering the individual's motivation, interests, current work situation, and personal circumstances.

Sales Ability/Persuasiveness

Gaining agreement or acceptance of an idea, plan, activity, product or service by using appropriate interpersonal styles, approaches and forms of communication.


Motivation Fit

The extent to which job activities and responsibilities, the organisation's mode of operation and values, and the community in which the individual will live and work are consistent with the type of environment that provides personal satisfaction; the degree which the work itself is personally satisfying.


Work Standards

Setting high goals or standards of performance for self, subordinates, others, and the organisation; being dissatisfied with average performance; self imposing standards of excellence rather than having standards imposed by others.


Customer Service Orientation

Making efforts to listen and understand customers (both internal and external); anticipating customer needs; giving high priority to customer satisfaction.



Active attempts to influence events to achieve goals; self‑starting rather than passive acceptance. Taking action to achieve goals beyond what is necessarily called for; originating action.



Effectively exploring alternatives and positions to reach outcomes that gain all parties'support and acceptance; compromising when appropriate.


Maximising Performance

Establishing performance goals, coaching performance, providing training, and evaluation performance.



Establishing procedures to monitor the results of delegations, assignments or projects taking into consideration the skills, knowledge and experience of the assigned individual and the characteristics of the assignment.


Allocating decision‑making authority and task responsibilities to appropriate subordinates; utilising subordinates' time, skills and potential effectively.

Rapport Building

Creating continuing compatibility; getting along well; pro‑actively developing relationships.

Tolerance for Stress

Maintaining stable performance under pressure and/or opposition (eg time pressure, job ambiguity); relieving stress in a way that is acceptable to the person, others and organisation.




Generating and/or recognising imaginative, creative solutions in work related situations.


Maintain effectiveness in varying environments and with different tasks, responsibilities and people.

Oral Presentation

Effective expression when presenting ideas or concepts to an individual or to group, when given time for preparation (includes gestures and non‑verbal communication).



Handling disappointment and/or rejection while maintaining effectiveness.


Creating a good impression, commanding attention and respect, showing an air of confidence.


Maintaining a high activity level and effective performance for an extended period of time.

================================================== ====================


Maintaining social, ethical, and organisational norms in conducting internal and external business activities.


Oral Communications

Expressing ideas effectively in individual and group situations (includes non*

verbal communication); adjusting language or terminology to characteristics or

needs of the audience.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I

Written Communication

Expressing ideas clearly in memoranda, reports, letters or other docu

From India , Mumbai

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